"D&D Connections is both passionate and dedicated to helping you protect your family's income, assets, and lifestyle in the event of an untimely tragedy. D&D goes further to provide you with a game plan to enable you to retire with dignity."

~D&D Connections is a proud partner of Advantage One Brokers~


Advantage One Brokers was formed to serve the community while also creating massive opportunity. The managing partners of Advantage One Brokers average over 25 years of combined experience. This positions Advantage One Brokers to be a leader in the insurance industry. One that is dedicated to providing superior products, while providing cost effective risk management consultation to both businesses and individuals.


Our organization if filled with ambitious agents with a desire to make significant changes in the lives of our clients as well as seeking opportunity, and a chance for a more satisfying life for themselves. They have found such in this growing and thriving industry, which many people miss out on due to lack of initial interest.

Today they understand that true opportunity comes when you are willing to do the things others refrain from doing.

Together we are changing the way others look at this industry as a growth opportunity based on our ability to take full advantage of its potential to create generational wealth, for both our clients and our agents alike.


At Advantage One we have a personal interest in your success. You will develop friends for life and find mentors who will work to help you reach your goals.


Advantage One is here to help people across the country find the life insurance and retirement solutions they need to protect their families and their futures. We have partnered with industry leading carriers to bring our agents a portfolio of products that they can be proud to offer to our clients. Our agents simply follow-up with families that have previously requested assistance from the carriers we represent, and then work with them to create a solution that best fits their needs and budget.


Mortgage Protection

Mortgage protection insurance pays off your loan in the event of your death, In turn, your heirs won’t have to deal with a home that has a mortgage attached to it. 

If your insurance covers disability or job loss, It will cover up to a certain amount of your mortgage that’s specified in your contract.


Mortgage protection insurance is not the same thing as private mortgage insurance, which goes to the lender if you default on your mortgage, and doesn’t have a specific benefit for you the borrower. Mortgage protection insurance, however, protects you as a borrower. 

Final Expenses

Final expense insurance will pay for your funeral expenses, as well as any debts accumulated at the end of your life, which could include nursing home costs not covered by Medicare. Funerals are expensive and the price continues to rise. Even without a plot and headstone, the average funeral costs more than $8,000, and that amount has risen more than 10 times since the 1960s. Most people don't want to leave this burden to their heirs.

The last thing any family needs is to be in a position of making major financial decisions during the critical period after the loss of a loved one. At DND and Advantage One we recommend preparation while hearts and minds are clear.

Retirement Planning

We offer Retirement Stability plans which include NO MARKET VOLATILITY, NO TAXES ON YOUR GAINS, and 100% LIQUITY.

Our plans allow for;


  • Unlimited contributions (premiums)

  • Meaningful income tax-free death benefits, substantially more than any other alternative

  • Tax-deferred growth of cash surrender values

  • Tax-free retirement income*

  • Tax-free loans at ANY age - There's no 10% penalty tax for retiring before age 59½

  • Policy death benefits and cash surrender values are assignable as collateral

  • No tax penalty or tax liability when used to secure a loan.

  • No required minimum distributions (RMDs) like an IRA or qualified plan, like a 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan, so you can defer after age 70½.

  • Tax-free income does not increase income tax liability on Social Security retirement benefits.

  • Simple plan administration - No financial planning fees!

  • No forms to file with the IRS (business owned policies ARE required to file forms)

  • Potential asset protection from creditors and predators (varies by state, please consult with your legal counsel)

  • Privacy - policy cash values are generally exempt from disclosure when applying for college financial aid

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Life Insurance

Advantage One offers the most inexpensive Term and Permanent Life Insurance in the market. 


Term life insurance provides coverage at a fixed rate of payments for a limited period of time. At Advantage One we offer the option of a return of premium of the term for qualified applicants.

Return of Premium (ROP) offers the insured a benefit of getting a return of all the premium payed into the policy over the years should the insured outlives the specified length of the term. 

​ The money can be used for income replacement, household expenses, taxes, debts or dreams such as college tuition.

Permanent Life Insurance (also known as Whole Life Insurance) lasts for your entire life and never expires. In addition, Permanent policies usually have an investment element, allowing you to invest and/or borrow money from the policy.


Permanent Insurance will pay your family or other beneficiaries a certain amount of money if you should die (known as a “death benefit”). In addition to a death benefit, Permanent Insurance policies usually have a cash value (think of it like a savings account) that increases over time on a tax-deferred basis, which you can invest and borrow against. Loans taken out against the cash value of the policy are on a tax-free basis, but usually accumulate interest and reduce the death benefit.

Advantage One Brokers Proudly Offer Products & Solutions From These & Other Leading Providers



Term is like renting- low cost initially, a lot of coverage, no equity built and will end years down the road depending on which term you purchase 10,20,30 years.


Permanent is like owning- Higher cost initially, equity builds ( cash value) and it can stay in place until age 121.


Yes, we are brokers that represent multiple insurance carriers that have policies that can cover anyone from high blood pressure to cancer.


No, we can do a non medical polices on term or permanent.

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